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   Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) & Beef Cattle Care     

  • Cow/Calf Beef Quality Assurance [ 17 modules] - $25
    The Cow/Calf package covers information specific to the needs of today’s cow/calf producers including up-to-date information on weaning and preconditioning of calves, handling and culling, herd health plans, calf management, and humane euthanasia.  >> Register
  • Stocker/Backgrounder Beef Quality Assurance [ 18 modules] - $25
    The Stocker/Backgrounder package is designed to provide stocker and backgrounder producers with key information pertaining to their production systems. Topics include best management practices, parasite control, residue avoidance, humane euthanasia, animal abuse avoidance, weaning, animal handling, and vaccinology.  >> Register
  • Feedlot Processor Beef Quality Assurance [ 11 modules] - $25
    The Feedlot Processor package provides employees with the tools necessary to improve processing safety and animal handling skills as well as addresses animal well-being concerns while vaccinating, implanting, treating, and euthanizing cattle.  >> Register
  • Feedlot Doctor Beef Quality Assurance [ 12 modules] - $25
    The Feedlot Doctor package provides information regarding proper use and administration of vaccines/injections, uses and benefits of proper record keeping, disease prevention, and herd health maintenance.  >> Register
  • Feed Mill Beef Quality Assurance [ 6 modules] - $25
    The Feed Mill package delivers important information about regulations associated with the use of feed additives and medications as well as best management practices for employees working in the feed mill.  >> Register
  • Feed Delivery Beef Quality Assurance [ 6 modules] - $25
    The Feed Delivery package consists of material that provides feed delivery crews critical information on the importance of best management practices, proper management of feedstuffs, and accurate record keeping and documentation.  >> Register
  • Feedlot Management Beef Quality Assurance [ 21 modules] - $25
    The Feedlot Management package is designed to give an overview of topics commonly encountered when managing a feedlot including best management practices, animal handling, animal abuse avoidance, and animal health and disease prevention.  >> Register
  • Non Ambulatory Cattle Management Training - Beef [ 3 modules] - $25
    The care and handling of a non-ambulatory (downer) animal is an important issue that faces the beef industry on a daily basis. It is important for all cattle handlers to understand the proper ways to care for these compromised animals. This package includes three different training modules: The Care and Handling of Non-Ambulatory Cattle, Human Euthanasia of Cattle and Carcass Disposal. Each of these modules help prepare the caretaker for the decisions that must be made when dealing with a non-ambulatory animal.  >> Register
  • Calving Management [ 1 modules] - $50
    The Calving Management package provides producers with the tools necessary to ensure a successful calving season. This includes technical information covering proper pregnancy diagnosis, assisting calf delivery and post-delivery health measures.  >> Register
  • Food Safety and Employee Hygiene Best Management Practices [ 8 modules] - $50
    The Food Safety and Employee Hygiene Best Management Practices package is a true introduction to the practices of food safety in each area of beef production, including cow-calf operations, stocker operations, feedlot operations, and post-harvest processing operations.  >> Register
  • Routine Cattle Surgery Techniques [ 2 modules] - $50
    The Routine Cattle Surgery Techniques package provides an overview of surgical methods used for castration and dehorning including general techniques and timing of procedures to ensure minimal complications.  >> Register
  • Comprehensive Beef Quality Assurance [ 28 modules] - $25
    The Beef Quality Assurance Comprehensive package is designed to give producers, employees, and managers, a complete overview of the most current practices available to reduce quality defects, enhance productivity, and address animal well-being and environmental concerns.  >> Register